WDMSG and WDINT are tools for converting monolingual WINDEV or WEBDEV applications into multilingual applications. Or to add one or more languages to an already multilingual product. A WINDEV program can contain up to 64 different languages. There are some commands in WINDEV and WEBDEV that allow the user to switch between languages and see the program, windows, reports, web pages and messages in their language. For occasional translations of smaller programs with only a few languages, the translation in WINDEV or WEBDEV can be done alone.

Larger projects, especially those that require translation by professional translators, are supported by WDMSG. WDMSG extracts all multilingual strings from a WINDEV or WEBDEV project and creates a file. Such a file can be passed to a translator together with a small program (WDTRAD). The translated texts are saved in a file and can then be inserted back into the project with WDMSG.

WDINT enables the translation of the English and French system messages from the WINDEV and WEBDEV DLLs. WDINT can also be purchased separately, but when you buy WDMSG, WDINT is automatically included in the package! For each language used by a WINDEV application, WDINT allows the creation of a file containing the translation of messages from the DLL. WDINT comes standard with the file that transmits the English translation of the messages contained in the various libraries. WDINT is an optional tool for WINDEV and WEBDEV.