Sell a Used Product

Can I sell a PC Soft product I no longer need?

Yes and no. If the product was originally purchased separately, this is generally not a problem.

If it is a product purchased in a package, it will be difficult. For example, if you bought WinDev+WebDev together for a lower price than the sum of the two individual products, then you can only sell both products together! The same applies to multiple licenses! The purchase of 3 WinDev (e.g. WD20EC3U) is of course cheaper than the purchase of three single WinDev licenses. So you cannot sell a single license out of the package!

Problems with licenses sold out of packages usually only become apparent when the buyer orders an upgrade from us or from PC Soft! PC Soft will refuse to upgrade the new owner!

It is therefore better to ask us before such a transaction! We will be happy to do this for you, stating the serial number of the dongle(s).

You can also offer your no longer needed PC Soft products on our WinDev forum

Sellers should send an informal email to PC Soft after a sale, showing the change of ownership (serial number of the dongle, seller and buyer with name, address and email). This saves the buyer the trouble of having to prove legal ownership of the product in case of an upgrade.