Reports & Queries

The program package Reports & Queries is delivered free of charge together with WinDev and is intended for the end user.

A report is a user-defined view of the data in the broadest sense.

The source of the report data can be manifold: a table control, a storage zone, an SQL query, a text file, a table (= data file), WLanguage variable (e.g. an array of structures).

The result, i.e. the report itself, can also be created in various forms: in the print preview, at the printer, as a file (PDF, XML, HTML, XLS, PCL, text)

A report can be created and, of course, changed in the report editor. See Report Editor instructions for more details.
Two versions of the report editor are available:

For developers a version with WinDev, WebDev or WinDev Mobile is included. This version can only be used when developing a WinDev / WinDev Mobile application or a WebDev website. See the report editor for more details.

For users there is a special – free – version of the report editor (also called reports and queries).

However, this editor is only supplied with WinDev. This version is independent of WinDev and can be used by the end users. Some functions of the report editor are not available in this version – see limitations of the end user version of the report editor for further details (in the PDF document linked above). The user reports cannot contain any lines of code to modify the files (no functions can be used to perform the write operations in the files). The developer can also determine which data fields the user cannot see and therefore cannot use for his evaluations.

The created reports can be run in the Report Editor or from a WinDev application (if the application supports the start of reports & queries). An icon shows the differences between the user version of the report editor and the standard report editor for developers.