WINDEV (PDF: WX24 English) is the only truly integrated professional development environment.


A single environment addresses all the development phases, from proposal through design, programming, testing, deployment to maintenance and for the targets: Windows 32/64-bit, Linux 32/64-bit, JAVA archives (=> Internet, Android, iOS), Windows Service 32/64-bit, Linux daemon 32/64-bit, Universal Windows 10 applications, Web Services, .NET applications and .NET assemblies, libraries and components …

The interface is the same for all the modules: training is much faster. A developer is operational in just one week. The Free Technical Support covers all the modules. There is no environment that can compare to WINDEV. The speed at which you will develop applications with WINDEV is legendary. So is its ease-of-use. And its power always surprises… It’s the reason for its success, and for your success.

– A software developed with WINDEV always offers a set of advanced features without any programming or any action from the developer, via the exclusive AAF technology

– The users automatically get a reporting tool (Reports and Queries) at no extra cost

– Industrialization of the software creation process (Continuous integration): With WINDEV, it’s automatic!

– Therefore, the high quality of the applications built is less dependent upon the experience of the development team.

– Your teams don’t spend their time ”reinventing the wheel”: you deliver faster!

CREATE SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS WITH WINDEV: EASY What characterizes WINDEV the best, is the success rate of your projects: a project started under WINDEV is a project that will be completed. Because WINDEV is easy to get started with, and everything is integrated, it makes it efficient and intuitive, and it allows you to create successful projects.


1 Who is WINDEV for? It is for any developer who wants to create Windows, .NET, Linux, Mac,
Internet, Java, Android, iOS, cloud applications.
2 What type of applications can I develop? All! Payroll, industrial, medical, inventory, EDI, CAE, ERP, CRM, EAI,
back and front Office, .NET, Web services, catalogs etc. There is no
3 What do I need to know? You need to have programmed at least once in your life (in school for
instance). The ease of development offered by WINDEV has become
4 How much time will it take me to come
up to speed on WINDEV?
In most cases, one week is enough for self-training. A tutorial comes
with the product.
5 How much time will I save by developing
with WINDEV?
Our customers have stated gains of a factor 3 to 10 depending on
their previous tool. Maintenance is also much easier and faster. You’ll
take 1 month to build what used to take you a year…
6 Are all the modules supplied with the
Yes, everything is included, from conception to maintenance, the application
lifecycle (ALM) is supported with the same operating mode.
7 I’ve heard about a reporting tool that can be
freely distributed?
Yes. WINDEV 20 lets end users create their own reports and queries.
The ”Reports and Queries” reporting tool can be deployed freely with
your application.
8 I already have an application. Will I be
able to use it with WinDev?
Yes, most certainly, WINDEV supports all the computer standards (languages,
databases, protocols, etc…)
9 I am currently using a 4GL for development.
Would these skills be useful?
Yes, and you will appreciate even more the power and ease-of-use of
WINDEV and its 5GL.
10 My company already uses a specific
database. Can I keep it with WINDEV?
Yes, of course, all the industry databases are supported.
11 Can I develop n-tier, SOA, SaaS or Cloud
applications with WINDEV?
Yes, of course
12 Can I use Web services with WINDEV? Yes, of course, create them, use them and host them.
13 Can I freely distribute the integrated
HFSQL database?
Yes. HFSQL Client/Server comes with the product (Linux, Windows,
Mac) and can be freely redistributed with your applications, regardless
of the number of seats, regardless of the number of servers.
14 How powerful is the WINDEV language? WLanguage is a 5th generation language (5GL), which is simple yet
very powerful. The number of code lines you have to write (or generate)
is reduced by up to 90% compared to a 4GL.
15 What size development team does
WINDEV support?
Unlimited, on the same project, on one or more sites. A versioning
tool (SCM) is supplied with the product.
16 My application contains 1,500 windows
and tables with several million records…
This is common with WINDEV.
17 How can you offer such a product at such
a low price?
Our high volume sales enables us to keep the price low.
18 I’ve read that technical support is free. Is
this true?
Yes, it’s free (15 free custom inquiries). It can be accessed by email.
Special custom assistance and consulting are also available.
19 Who uses WINDEV? All kinds of professional entities: consulting companies, IS department,
lab engineers, government offices, city halls, administrations,
individual consultants, etc.
20 WINDEV is therefore a ”must have” for professional
Yes, absolutely. More than 150,000 professional developers have already
chosen it.