WINDEV Mobile ( PDF: WX24 English ) is a complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for professionals developing mobile applications for mobile appliances (e.g. barcode scanners, instrumentation devices), for smartphones and tablets.


The applications developed with WINDEV Mobile can operate on the following platforms:
– Windows Mobile 2003/2003 SE (VGA) and Windows CE 4.0 for Pocket PC, various appliances and for
– Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC and for Smartphone.
– Windows Mobile 6.0 to 6.5 for Pocket PC and for Smartphone.
Universal Windows Platform apps. (UWP / “Windows 10 mobile” apps)
Android version 4 and later
iOS version 6 and later

Using WINDEV Mobile you can deploy the same application on several platforms and operating systems! In order to achieve this you just have to apply a few OS-specific changes and re-compile the application! The “Layouts” of WINDEV Mobile are a unique way to represent essentially the same window in optimal appearance for different screen sizes, display resolutions, portrait or landscape format and different operating systems!

Develop mobile applications using WINDEV Mobile for a huge range of mobile devices! For thousands of phones, tablets, terminals, mobile barcode scanners, display panels from dozens of manufacturers! WINDEV Mobile comes with all of the tools necessary to cover the entire development cycle of a mobile application: Window generator, 5GL, debugger, report generator, setup generator, an UML analysis generator, a project dashboard, collaborative Source Code Manager, programming documentation generator, schedule management, … do the programming using the W-Language, a 5GL computer language which is common to all of PC Soft’s development systems! Use the incredibly flexible Window Editor, which enables you to store the same window in different layouts in order to cover different screen sizes, resolutions, orientation, operating systems of the targeted devices. Essentially the same window can be shown differently in portrait or landscape format. Additionally, using “anchoring”, you can automatically adapt different screen sizes!

Test you applications immediately – without any delay! WINDEV Mobile includes a simulator which shows – on the screen of the development computer! – how the finished application would work, react and communicate! In order to make the deployed applications beautifully looking, windows and controls can be animated and different skins can deliver a different appearance for the same application! Check your application immediately on the target device too! A direct connection to the development computer allows for testing and debugging of your application directly on the target device!

Database access. As mobile databases WINDEV Mobile offers HFSQL Mobile, a version of HFSQL Classic and SQLite, the widely used public domain database for mainatenance-free use on mobile devices. Additionally, access to external databases, your company’s web server for instance, is made possible by using Web Services (free ones are supplied for HyperFile, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server …), Socket connections or – in case of Windows – the direct connection to a HyperFile Client/Server Web Server.  Using Replication you can keep a mobile database continuously synchronized with the company’s server. Such a mechanism guarantees for fast operating of the mobile device and will shield your application from slow or broken connections.

Deployment of your finished applications can be done through the stores of Apple, Google and Microsoft or can be accomplished directly without going through any stores. The deployment package can contain datafiles or starter versions of your databases, which frees you from full synchronization of newly deployed applications.

Tutorial. WINDEV Mobile comes with a 200+ pages tutorial, which shows you step-by-step how to make applications for the different types of devices and operating systems! After working this tutorial through from start to end you will be surely able to make any application for mobile devices!

Examples / instructional applications. WINDEV Mobile supports development of applications for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile and Windows CE. Dozens of fully working or unit examples for each of these devices / operating systems are supplied with source code with WINDEV Mobile! These examples will help you to understand how to use special features of certain devices or functions of the WLanguage.