WEBDEV ( PDF: WX24 English ) is an Integrated Development Environment for the professional development of Web Applications and dynamic, semi-dynamic and even static Web Sites!


Use WEBDEV to develop your web applications and web sites for the internet, the intranet and the cloud! Experience the wonderful WLanguage, the common 5GL programming language for WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile. Use Web 2.0, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, JavaScript, Java, PHP, SSL, SaaS … and fetch data from the enterprise database of your company. Deploy to and run your WEBDEV applications on Windows or Linux servers. Offer Web Services, use responsive design … WEBDEV is a “full stack” development environment! Re-use the code of your WEBDEV applications in your WINDEV and WINDEV Mobile applications – they all offer the famous WLanguage! Your WEBDEV applications are compatible with all of the available browsers! WEBDEV applications are able to communicate with a broad variety of computers, tablets and smartphones under Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, WinPhone etc.

WEBDEV takes care of the full development cycle: modelling, analysis, graphics, immediate local testing, connection to the enterprise database, programming, deployment, maintainance …

WEBDEV comes with huge variety of ready-made web sites and templates for special applications.

WEBDEV offers Groupware, a sophisticated access control system which can be stand alone for a single site only, is able to work in common for several applications and can use an LDAP database.

WEBDEV offers pre-made web pages for payment, e-commerce and dozens of various pages for special use cases.

WEBDEV enables you to make dynamic web sites without much of programming, but if you need the power of the WLanguage, of AJAX, of HTML5, CSS3 … – it’s all there!

WEBDEV can generate a generic WEBDEV web site or a full PHP web site. Generic WEBDEV sites can use a great variety of databases, HyperFile C/S, a free and unlimited enterprise grade database system with replication and cluster ability from PC Soft, AS/400 and IBM i-Systems, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Informix, PostgreSQL, Progress, Sybase, xBase, SQLite, Access and MariaDB. WEBDEV PHP web sites can use MySQL only.

WEBDEV sites are used by customers, employees and so on – back office solutions can be made using WINDEV and do access the same data which have been generated by interaction with the outside world. However, if you already have an extensive back office solution then a WEBDEV site will be able to access the data in your enterprise’s database!