WINDEVDevelop desktop-applications for Windows, Linux, .NET, Windows Store Apps, Java, MAC
WEBDEVDevelop for Web-Applications, dynamic and static Web Sites
WINDEV MobileDevelop Mobile Applications for Android, iOS, Windows 10, CE ….
Die W-Languagethe common programming language for all of PC Soft’s development tools
Each year a new  version: 921 New Features of Version 21
HFSQLHyperFile SQL, the free Client / Server Database System for an unlimited number of Clients!
Reports & QueriesReports & Queries – a free and re-distributable tool for developers and end-users
Native Database Accessesblindingly fast native access for many database systems
Deployment ServerWeb-Server for Web Services, Web-Apps and Web Sites (for more than 10 sessions)
WDMSG + WDINTsupport for development of multi-lingual applications
AS/400Aplications with Graphical User Interface für AS/400 and IBM i-Series
LSTLettre Support Technique, a glossy magazine with DVD. Examples, tips & tricks for PC Soft’s products