Prices, Orders and Important Information

Prices: Our prices are the same as shown on the official price list of PC Soft in Euros.

Reduced prices for upgrades: Starting from the announcement date of a new version, you can order any upgrades for PC Soft’s products at a lower price – for a limited period of time only! The deadline for lower-priced upgrades is set at announcement date – if you’re too late with your order you have to pay full price! Note: even upgrades for old versions (to the newest version only!) bear a reduced price tag. You should use this rather short period of time for your upgrades. Prices for new products aren’t changed within this period but you can purchase new products together with an upgrade – at advantageous prices. Ask us for our quote!

Order discount: We offer an order discount of 5% for all PC Soft products – independent from type of product (new products or upgrades)! Sorry, there’s no discount available for LST’s or shipping & handling cost.

Quotes: Send your inquiry by e-mail to and we’ll send you a quote for the requested products back! A few products (e.g. AS/400, various upgrades etc.) cannot be found in PC Soft’s price list – we will be happy to supply you with a quote for those as well!

Ordering procedure: Send an e-mail to mit den von Ihnen gewünschten Produkten. We’ll send an offer in return plus payment information. After receipt of payment we’ll take care of the shipment the ordered items.

Help & and technical advice: We’ll anwer all your questions regarding PC Soft’s products! We offer advice to find the appropriate product at the the best possible price!

Payment: payments are possible either by Paypal or bank transfer to our bank account. We regret to be unable to accept payment per credit card. Please understand, we cannot execute any orders before arrival of your payment. Thank you!

– Payment per PayPal to

– Payments per bank transfer to:

Systemhaus Predl IT-GmbH, 2103 Langenzersdorf

Bank name: Raiffeisenbank Stockerau eGen, Rathausplatz 2, 2000 Stockerau

IBAN: AT35 3284 2000 0800 9383


Obligatory information accompanying your order:

– your invoice address. Immediately after shipping your order, we’ll send a paper invoice to your invoice address! Please advise if you need a .pdf invoice!

– your delivery address – just in case it is not identical to the invoice address

– your VAT-ID or UID – if your company is located with the EC / EU

– a daytime phone number for the parcel service

– an e-mail address which can be handed over to PC Soft

– for upgrades we need to know the serial numbers of the affected dongles! (please not: the label on the dongle is not a reliable information because each upgrade will change the dongle’s serial number!)

How to retrieve the dongle’s serial number? If you can start the product (WINDEV, WEBDEV, WINDEV Mobile) then you just have to click on “Help” and choose “About ….” A small window appears and it shows the current serial number of the product. If you cannot start the product on your computer then download and install the small Tech Support Request Application from This takes some minutes. Plug in the dongle/s. Then you can doubleclick TechSupportRequest.exe in directory C:\TSRequest . On page 2 of this “Assistant” you can choose the product and it will show you the serial number of the connected dongle in return!

Important information pertaining to the delivery:

– Please note that most of PC Soft’s products are protected with a HASP-Dongle. So, there’s alternative to a first-time shipment than to send it by parcel service! After all, at least the dongle has to be sent. Charges for shipping & handling for a single product are 29,- Euros within Europe, 39,- Euros to USA/Kanada, 49,- Euros to all other countries. Example: if you order a bundle of WINDEV+WEBDEV+WINDEV Mobile shipping and handling will be for three products!

Immediately available products will be shipped by parcel service to a European address within three days after payment is received. All other destinations can take a few days longer. In certain countries parcels can be retained by customs for inspection or for payment of import charges of various nature. Note 1: if you fear that the parcel will hang in customs for a long time or that charges will be sky-high the we can offer a special service – please ask! Note 2: Availability of products (= new versions) will be published on PC Soft’s web site – or just ask us!

Upgrades will be delivered on or after availability date:

‘No-package Upgrades’ can be sent by e-mail, there are no physical goods to be delivered. You just will receive code which you will use to upgrade your dongle! There are no shipping charges! You have to download / install the new product from PC Soft’s web site.

‘Ordinary Upgrades’ will be sent with manuals, DVDs and a few goodies in a parcel. You will receive upgrade codes too. Shipping & handling charges apply.

Invoice: After shipment is done, you’ll receive a paper invoice from us. On request we can send a .pdf invoice by e-mail too. According to EC-laws we cannot send any invoices before shipment is done. For purposes of payment / ordering / shipment we can issue a pro-forma invoice. Note: a pro-forma invoice is not an invoice, it just declares the shipment value to the customs office, your accountant etc.

Shipment to non-EC countries: There are many countries where the customs value of software deviates from the invoice value. There, customs charges are calculated on the imported material value of manuals, DVDs etc., software – as an immaterial good – is not being charged. If your country treats imports that way, we will prepare custom papers according to these rules.

Value Added Tax: Austria: All of our clients in Austria will receive an invoice showing 20% VAT. Countries within the EC/EU: if you can produce a valid VAT-ID number we will issue an invoice without any VAT. If you cannot produce a valid VAT, we have to include Austrian VAT (20%) on the invoice. Countries outside EC/EU: Invoices to our customers outside the EC will not show any VAT. Please note, that Switzerland is “outside the EC”, but not outside of Europe, of course!

Shipment: From 1.1.2017 on, PC Soft decided that we’d have to send any orders from Austria to our worldwide customers. So, if we don’t have your ordered goods on stock, shipments will go to us first. Which may mean an added delay of one day. We will send good either by DPD (“Direct Parcel Distribution Austria GmbH”) or by EMS (“Express Mail Service” by the Austrian Post AG). We’ll keep you informed about delivery and in most cases we can issue a tracking number.