Ordering Products & Upgrades

We are distributor of PC Soft / Montpellier and can deliver all PC Soft products and upgrades worldwide!

We supply software producers in all continents and almost all countries of the world with the unique programming tools of PC Soft as well as all supplementary products. Our customer base is growing every year and many customers are returning to purchase more products or upgrades.

There are some very good reasons why orders are placed with us in Austria of all places!

1 – You will receive a discount on your order, depending on the product or upgrade! Please note that together with an upgrade you can also purchase another new product very cheaply! We will be happy to inform you about the cheapest way to purchase your desired programs!

2 – We accept payment by bank transfer, PayPal, cheque, etc.

3 – Delivery is normally made immediately after receipt of payment directly from Montpellier / France by courier service (DHL) and is usually delivered to your home within Europe the very next day!

4 – Special shipping service: we also take care of certain shipping requests ourselves, especially where problems with customs could greatly delay delivery.

5 – We are happy to answer all your questions before you buy!

6 – We can also handle more complicated orders to your satisfaction! ( AS/400, multiple products, etc.)

Send an e-mail with your wishes to office@windev.at – you will immediately receive a favourable offer and instructions for smooth payment.

7 – We are also at your service after the purchase! You have technical questions, we clarify them together with the technical support of PC Soft! You need training in German language? We are also happy to come to your house and help you or your staff over obstacles, after all, we have been using PC Soft products for more than 15 years! We can also assist you in creating smaller or larger programs and can solve certain technical problems.

8 – PC Soft products are available in English and French and – for a few years now – also in Chinese. For the English and French versions, there has been a new version with a large number of fantastic new features every year for years. The French version is usually available towards the end of the year, the English version will take a few months to translate and adapt the programs and documentation and will be available between May and July of the following year.

9 – Most new products come with a dongle that remains with you and which you will describe with a new serial number when you receive an upgrade. The dongles appear to many customers as a load before the purchase, but it is quickly understood that the products become’mobile’, you can have your WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile installed on several computers and if you change to another computer, then just take the USB dongle with you. This ensures that the product is only used once. Also note that with the same dongle you can use both the English and the French version!