New Features of Version 28

In the current absence of an English brochure on the new features of version 28, here is a brief overview:

Common features of WINDEV, WINDEV mobile and WEBDEV.

The Kanban Control

Among the major new features of version 28, the new Kanban control will find many uses. Simply by placing the field in a window or in a page, Kanban management is available.

Kanban is originally a method invented in Japan which aims to improve processes in order to produce better quality and reduce stocks. Today Kanban also designates a method of visual classification of tasks, to manage these tasks in an agile way.

Each task is written on a “card” which will change list (column) according to progress. Regardless of tasks, it can be any resource: user story, requirement, suggestion, manufacturing step, delivery, troubleshooting… In general, a Kanban is shared between several users. Each member of the team thus knows the progress of the project, and knows what he has to do and where the work of the other members is. In addition to better communication, this technique based on “cards” makes it easy to visualize the entire production chain and the progress of tasks, and thus to easily identify blockages and emergencies.