Native Database Accesses

WINDEV and WEBDEV are equally open for access to other databases on the market! This can be done either via ODBC or OLE DB or through the fast, powerful and efficient “Native Database Access”. The Native Database Access is a direct access to the supported databases and does not require ODBC or OLE DB! If a native database access is used, then the respective database is fully integrated into the products WinDev and/or WebDev! With Native Database Access, it is not only possible to access the database using SQL, but also to use the entire family of H commands. FileToScreen is of course active.

Native Access supports locking management: If a record is locked while you are trying to access it (read or write), the WinDev or WebDev automatic locking management window is displayed and allows access to be re-executed after the lock is lifted. Of course, locking can also be handled programmatically with the WLanguage without having to involve the user.

The database structures of the databases connected with Native Database Access are fully integrated into the WinDev and WebDev development environment! The full range of features of WinDev and WebDev is therefore available for you: RAD (program generator), analysis and program documentation, automatic creation of browsing tables, visual query editor, report generator (with labels, background, bar codes and more) . …

Access performance is optimized by native database access (read/write) and the available functions (H commands, locking) enable development at the highest level.

Native Database Access – each available as a separate product – is available for MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Progress, AS/400, Informix and MS-Access.

WinDev and WebDev together provide free native accesses for MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, xBase.

WinDev and WebDev support the use of ODBC, OLEDB and JDBC (for Java applications) directly from the box.

With WinDev Mobile comes support for PocketPC database, SQLite and HyperFileSQL Mobile.