HFSQL (HyperFile SQL)

WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile use HFSQL (“HyperFileSQL”) in different variants as native database. HFSQL is included with PC Soft products and is an unlimited database system! HFSQL is free for the developers as well as for the customers and can be distributed free of charge together with the applications developed using WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile. There are neither limits for the number of workstations in a network nor limits for the number of copies passed on! This is an enormous advantage for users who would otherwise have to pay for the database or the connected workstations. Of course you can access HFSQL client/server databases over the Internet, both for connecting client computers and for maintaining the database(s).

Automatic restructuring and data transfer! An important point in favour of the use of HFSQL is the fact that structural changes to the database are automatically taken into account when programs are updated. No extra programs need to be written, which bring the new/changed database structure to the customer installation and transfer the data to this new structure.

HFileSQL’Classic’ can be used for classic Windows applications. The most common use is in single-user operation. HFSQL’Classic’ supports 32-bit and 64-bit applications for Linux or Windows (.exe or.net). It is not recommended to use it together with Java programs. Multi-user applications within a local network can also be supported with restrictions. The advantage of HFSQL’Classic’ is that it can be installed together with the application without any further effort, the installation is not visible to the user. The database is self-managing, there are several tools for support

HFSQL Client/Server is a classic client/server database that is used in larger multi-user installations behind web applications. Optionally on Windows or Linux servers. Available as 32-bit or 64-bit application. The HFSQL client/server can access mixed 32-bit and 64-bit applications. However, the HFSQL client/server must be installed separately from the applications, which requires a certain visibility for the customer. Frame-compression of client and server increases the speed of connections enormously! Encrypted connections provide a high degree of security! HFSQL Client/Server comes with the HFSQL Control Center, which allows the user to manage his databases, both locally and remotely! In this control center the databases including their structure can be viewed, changed, repaired, user groups, users and permissions can be managed, data backups can be scheduled, which can then be performed repeatedly at a certain time. During the ongoing data backup, the database can continue to be used without problems, so there is nothing to prevent 24/7 operation! HFSQL Client/Server works with’stored procedures’ on the server. Stored procedures are programmed in WLanguage and are uploaded or renewed by the application to the server! In this way, the data records of SQL queries do not have to run over the connection, the queries can be processed locally on the server and only the result of the query goes back to the client.

HFSQL Client/Server Replication – HFSQL databases can be replicated to another server or another client (e.g. mobile devices), e.g. to have a largely correct copy available in case of failures or to use the replicated copy for reports / queries / evaluations rather than the company database.

HFSQL Client/Server Cluster manages multiple databases on multiple servers in such a way that the failure of one of the servers does not matter. These servers can be distributed worldwide or in one place (provider, hoster, company). Using this feature guarantees that your data is 100% available 24/7!

HFSQL Mobile is the 100% compatible database for mobile devices with the other variants of HyperFileSQL. An essential feature is the flexible handling of connections, the automated handling of broken connections and the automatic resumption of a connection after a failure.