AS/400 + IBM i System

Native AS/400 and IBM System i Access.

WINDEV and WEBDEV can be connected to the IBM AS/400 or IBM System i with fast and powerful native access. Native Access increases the communication speed with the host system enormously because additional communication layers to the client PCs are eliminated.

PC Soft products for native access to IBM AS/400 and IBM System i are divided into’Developer-kits’ and’Deployment kits’. For licensing purposes, all these’kits’ are bound to the serial number of the respective AS/400 or System i.

All functions of the WinDev and WebDev development environments are available to you. Installation is very simple.

With the help of these development tools it is very easy to develop programs with graphical user interface and web sites based on AS/400 data. Using the program generator (RAD), complete running applications can be generated after the automatic transfer of the AS/400 data structure into the analysis with WinDev. The same applies of course to Web sites that can be generated with WebDev from the AS/400 database. Of course such’programs or web sites from the generator’ require some rework and additions, but they are executable products right from the start! WinDev and WebDev come with the report and query generator, which also allows end users to create reports and queries themselves and then continue to use them! There are hardly any other development tools on the market with which AS/400 programs can be developed so quickly and so easily!