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The three PC Soft development tools employ the same programming language (named the W-Language) with mostly identical functions!


is meant for development of Desktop Applications for Windows, Linux,  Windows Services, Linux daemons, .NET applications, .NET assemblies, all of them in 32-bit or 64-bit, Java-applications, applications for Windows Store, Web Services and more! WINDEV offers a built-in collaboration mechanism for development teams with in-house or remote team-members. Royalty free distribution of all of your WINDEV applications! Read more about this amazing tool!


is the tool of choice for developing static and dynamic Web Sites and Web-Applications for the Internet, your Intranet and the Cloud. While developing web sites and web applications, you are using Web 2.0, Ajax, HTML5, PHP, CSS3, JavaScript and much, much more! WEBDEV offers real-time access to your company’s databases in HFSQL, MySQL, PosgreSQL, MariaDB, SQL-Server, AS/400, Oracle and many more! Distribute your WEBDEV Web Sites royalty free! Read more about this incredible tool!


is for developing Mobile Applications for a broad diversity of mobile hardware and operating systems! Using WINDEV Mobile you will be able to develop applications for Smartphones, Tablets, Watches, PDAs and Terminals! You will develop applications for Android, Apple’s iOS, Windows 10, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, WinPhone 7, 8.1 und 10. Many applications will run on another platform by simply re-compiling it! Distribute your mobile applications royalty freeRead more about this Swiss army knife for developing mobile applications!

These three development tools from PC Soft will enable professional software developers to plan, program, debug, compile, setup, document, test and maintain up-to-date software solutions for a wide diversity of platforms. This is done within uniform and fully integrated development environments! All the time you’re using the same programming language – the W-Language! PC Soft development tools are covering the wohle life cycle of a software product – up to version control, quality control, performance control and even to an optional telemetric supervision of the deployed software! For HFSQL, ev en structure changes of the databases are taken care of – your applications will automatically re-structure a changed database!

In comparison to programming languages of the 3rd generation like VB.NET or C++ (with a whole set of add-ons, libraries, controls and tools from the 3rd-party-industry) you will be able to finish your development jobs up to 10 times faster! If you don’t believe this downright incredible “10 times faster” claim then just imagine to finish a medium sized project only 2 times faster! If you would need just half of the projected time, this would mean that you are doubling your income per hour!

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